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 production company cinema and audiovisual


there are sheeps, wolves, lions, roosters, snakes, badgers, pigs, goats, jackals, foxes, pigeons, donkeys, owls, hyenas ... and also the zigwigwis

ZIGWIGWI is a film and audiovisual production company created in June 2019 by the VOIGNIER brothers. After years of training and cinematographic experiences and five years of writing their original scripts for short, feature films and series, the inseparable brothers are finally ready to realize their own unique fictions and brimming with imagination.

"The soul" of ZIGWIGWI is mainly the films of David & Sébastien VOIGNIER


“We want more magic and excitement. Boredom is our enemy. We want to evolve in a world that offers. A world where utopia in its place. A colorful world that crushes the greyness.

A world where creation is essential and limitless. A world to understand and evolve. "


ZIGWIGWI offers you reflections of this world through fictions, ambitious, multi-genre, credible, lyrical and aesthetically neat.

Original creations navigating between the author's film and pure entertainment. films with captivating stories. Films that shake the heart as much as the mind.







The Voignier brothers joined a few years ago to start writing the original scripts for 2 short films, two feature films and a fantastic series.


Passionate about art and more particularly cinema since their earliest childhood and influenced by numerous directors, they have a very good cinematographic and audiovisual knowledge. "There are pearls in all genres, eras and countries"


Adept of cyberculture, David followed qualifying training courses in computer graphics, webmaster and 3D creation. He has been a professional graphic designer for twenty years and masters the post-production environment such as editing and certain VFX. He also worked with different theater companies which allowed him to have a good foundation concerning the interpretation and the staging.

David is also an artistic photographer under the name of EL TRICHOR


Sébastien attended a film school in Paris. He then worked on different shootings of clips, short and feature films and then supplemented his knowledge through qualifying training such as projectionist, 35mm shots, post-production calibration, staging and production management.

Sébastien is also a painter under the name of Sébastien Féry-Voignier