Fantasy drama

Short film project

Written and directed by

David & Sébastien Voignier



EIGHT LEGS FOR lock down

Comedy movie - runtime 12 min 30 s

cyril wakes up in the middle of the night screaming.

Kelly imagines that her husband's nightmare spider exists,

lurking in their room.

It is the beginning of a double battle: Cyril VS Kelly

and couple VS spider. Round one: FIGHT!

written and directed by :David & Sebastien Voignier 

stars Fabien ARA & Holly-Rose CLEGG

director of photography : Damien Pelletier-Brun

Music by :  -ii- TWOeyes

Master format : HD 2k

Broadcast format : HD aspect ratio 1.85   sound mix 5.1

operating Visa n°153 379 © zigwigwi production 2020


ROZZZ Drama - runtime 10 min 08 s

David is looking for work. Alone, he undergoes the same sad days. He only dreams of pink pigs. Until the day where...

master format: Super 8 mm B&W and color

Broadcast format: HD aspect ratio 1.66

sound mix 5.1

Operating Visa n° 152 644 © zigwigwi production 2020

In 2004 "We needed to retranscribe our feelings in a fiction about our experience of precarious situation following the loss of a job. Our days become monotonous, restrictive. The stress consumes us. Despite my research, work is penne to come. Lack of means, I isolate myself more and more. Associable and on the tightrope, I dream in black and white. I dream of pigs "ROZZZ", symbol of the modern slave obsessed with money. Inactive, I stagnate until the day when ... The super 8 mm film was an obvious choice compared to the screenplay written in two months. It is "poor man's motion picture film". We shot with a camera bought in a flea market. We had very few days of shooting. We happened to shoot 50 shots in one day. We telescoped our footage digitally. Tedious work was done by David in post- prod to make "invisible" VFX (incrustations of images in all shots including a TV or PC screen and an alarm clock) Another challenge: 24 short sequences make up each day of the protagonist. Sequences which are linked to the rhythm of the famous "beep" of the monitors of vital signs. The duration of the sequences becomes shorter and shorter until causing the sound of the flat encephalogram; symbol of death. A sound of electric shock accompanies the plans of the saving woman. It is the rebirth of the protagonist. A meticulous montage of images & sounds to obtain a moralistic and symbolic drama.

In 2020 ZIGWIGWI recovers ROZZZ and refines its post-production to make it even more intense. The aspect of the images remains" dirty "and fits perfectly with the intentions of the screenplay. A judicious and also daring artistic choice in the face of an era when the image is in high definition.


APATHIVY Animation - runtime 5 min

A character is sucked in by his television. Imprisoned inside it, he will discover the evil intentions of television

master format: Digital 8


aspect ratio 1.66

sound mix 5.1

Operating VISA N°152 645 © zigwigwi production 2020

In 2002 "After made some short films, we followed a rock group on their tour. We took care of the visuals projected on stage. Then for artistic differences, we separated. Apathivy was born from rushes of one of these visuals. We shot at 12 frames per second. The character made out of wood couldn't staying up. There was no screenplay. The sequences were improvised on the set. We use many tricks to invent sets and an original and disconcerting staging. One watchword: television, this monster that eats your brain. A month and a half of shooting for two months of post-production.  A very good creative experience" In 2020 ZIGWIGWI recovers APATHIVY improves its post-production and reveals a consistent history and echoed in our present time




  Co-production & production of our first feature film - original script    

Maviop un film de Sébastien & David Voignier LE PITCH David, gardien de nuit est muté sur un nouveau site. Un hôpital militaire désaffecté qu'il surveille en attendant sa démolition. L'endroit est vide, vaste et lugubre. Il y règne une ambiance angoissante. David est persuadé qu'une effrayante créature hante les lieux. Un drame social à travers un film de genre Un film de monstre Atypique et réaliste Un scénario original inspiré de faits réels sous la forme d'un conte moderne Une enquête mystérieuse dans un environnement terrifiant Une mise en scène singulière et percutante qui manipule notre imaginaire et nos peurs les plus exacerbées La quête personnelle, angoissante et captivante d'un héros ordinaire Un suspense progressif pour un dénouement déroutant


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