zigwigwi-compagny david et sebastien voignier

ZIGWIGWI is a film and audiovisual production company created by the VOIGNIER brothers

sebastien voignier
lockdown with eight legs

 Dark Comedy 

Cyril wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. Kelly imagines that her husband's

nightmare spider

exists, lurking in their room. It is the beginning of a double battle: Cyril VS Kelly and couple VS spider. Round one: FIGHT!


Fabien ARA

Holly-Rose CLEGG


Benjamin Racine 

Hélène Ruzic




11 min 42 s


aspect ratio 1.85  

sound mix 5.1

Operating Visa

n°153 379 

© zigwigwi production 2021

W david et sebastien voignier

work in progress

Summer 1995, Victor receives a webcam that he can not install. He contacts Viktor, his usual web correspondent to help him. As the conversation progresses, Victor succeeds in convincing his interlocutor to exchange their photos out of curiosity. They both look the same...very similar...identical. Viktor might get her ego bruised and her feelings hurt. For him he is the original. He intends to destroy his double.

20 min

 tall as 3 apples david et sebastien voignier

Poetic comedy

Daniel Jeanson

Vincent LiTHGOW

3 min

full HD  9 :16

of the French jury
nespresso talents


apathivy david et sebastien voignier


A character is sucked in by his television. Imprisoned inside it, he will discover the evil intentions of television

master format
Digital 8 

full HD

5 min
 ASPECT RATIO 1.66 sound mix  5.1
Operating VISA
N°152 645

© zigwigwi production


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"Entertaining or rewarding...As long as the boredom runs away."

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zigwigwi compagny david et sebastien voignier



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